How we do it

Mercy Maricopa cares about your life goals, not just your illnesses. We want to help you use your strengths and needs to help you reach your recovery goals.

To do that, we strive to deliver coordinated and improved care. Our goal is to give you services where and when you want them. We make sure all of our services put improving your quality of life first.

Providing a better system

We are at the forefront of transforming the behavioral healthcare system, focusing on your physical health as well as your behavioral health. This includes screening to find health problems early and taking care of them.

Your care manager will become part of your support group, being more involved to help you with the behavioral health care system.

We offer peer and family education. It’s important to us that you are comfortable with your care. We work with your peers and families to eliminate the stigma that sometimes is associated with mental illness and substance abuse.

We also work with family-run organizations. These organizations increase support services offered to family members and peer-run organizations. They help to increase rehabilitation services offered to peers.

Our Office of Individual and Family Affairs sponsors activities and meetings, including roundtable discussions, planning meetings information sessions and participatory dialogues. We provide educational/training opportunities to help peers get the skills needed to be effective self-advocates and system-advocates, including taking charge of one’s own treatment.

We also improve member outcomes through an integrated care management approach. We support integrated care for members through technology and data.

  • Our consumer health platform – called CarePass – personalizes and improves the consumer experience.
  • The iTriage program allows you, your providers and your family members to research your symptoms and share information across applications at one secure site.
  • The Health Information Exchange (HIE) allow providers to share information with you on a real-time basis. HIE automatically notifies those involved in your care if alters at risk behaviors/conditions.