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All provider information contained on this website is subject to change. Please confirm with the provider when you call them. The online provider directory is updated daily.

If you are looking for a specific provider and cannot find them online, need more information, help, or would like a printed copy of the provider directory mailed to you at no charge, call us at 602-586-1841 or 1-800-564 5465; (TTY/TDD) 711.



You can also view this list to find a Mercy Maricopa provider in Maricopa County that's able to assess children/individuals and may provide a diagnosis on the autism spectrum disorder, as applicable. You can call the provider of your choice for an intake.

If you wish to make a standing request to receive all materials in a language other than English or in an alternate format, you can call Member Services at 602-586-1841 or 1-800-564 5465; (TTY/TDD) 711.

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