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Maricopa County’s Regional Behavioral Health Authority (RBHA) – helping Arizonans get services and support for living well.



Behavioral Health Crisis Line

Facing a behavioral health crisis? Call 602-222-9444 or 1-800-631-1314.

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Mercy 360 Community

Mercy 360 Community is focused on factors affecting our health that go beyond doctors or medicine.

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If you’re experiencing behavioral health or substance abuse issues, you can call Mercy Care RBHA. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can reach Mercy Care RBHA Member Services at 602-586-1841 or toll-free 1-800-564-5465; (TTY/TDD) 711

Mercy Care RBHA is a not-for-profit locally owned and operated organization. We manage the public behavioral health system in Maricopa County and parts of Pinal County.

We have a wide network of community providers that serve our members and give them the support they need to reach their recovery goals. They offer behavioral and physical health care, peer- and family-run services, crisis intervention and substance use and suicide prevention.

You can contact us for more information about our plan.

Local connection to quality care

Mercy Care RBHA is sponsored by Mercy Care Plan and Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS).

Mercy Care is a local nonprofit with nearly three decades of providing innovative Medicaid managed care. MIHS is a county-wide public health care system that has been providing a health care safety net for Maricopa County residents since before Arizona was a state.

Working together for a healthier community

Good providers and excellent employees are crucial to our mission. Our decisions and actions are daily guided by integrity, excellence, inspiration and caring. Learn about joining our network.