Community Outreach

Our community and yours

One of Mercy Maricopa’s goals is to help to make our community stronger. We go to schools, neighborhood centers and health fairs. Meet us there!

Or contact us if you’re interested in learning about our services or getting information about workshops on behavioral health issues. At all of our events, we provide language interpretation services. 


Through community outreach, we hope to bring awareness and get people the behavioral health care they need. We also are working to lessen the often-negative stigma around mental illness and its treatment. We work with individuals and groups to promote healthy lifestyles and help connect them to resources.

Member forums

It’s important we hear about what matters most to you. Check out our events page for upcoming community forums. Or, send us feedback by calling Member Services at 1-800-564-5465 (toll-free) or hearing impaired TTY/TDD 711, or using the contact us form.

Health fairs

Stop by our booth at an upcoming health fair to learn more about us.

Local organizations

You and your family can join one of many local groups. These groups offer ways to connect with other people who face the same challenges you and your family do. Check out our community guide for more information.