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Disorders related to infertility – why you can’t get pregnant

Other conditions that affect women


Osteoporosis makes your bones weak and easy to break. As many as half of all women, especially those 50 or older, get osteoporosis. Unfortunately, there are no symptoms.

See your doctor about your bone health. They can prescribe a bone density test, especially if you are:

  • 50 or older
  • Small and thin
  • Have a family history of osteoporosis
  • Take certain medicines
  • Have low bone density

To keep your bones strong:

  • Eat foods rich in calcium and vitamin D
  • Exercise regularly
  • Do not smoke
  • Limit alcohol intake

Violence against women

  • Almost 1 in 5 women report being raped at some time in their lives.
  • At least 1 in 20 women experience violence other than rape. Some even before the age of 18.
  • Most rapes and assaults are caused by people you know, even people you love and trust. Some of these could be friends, family members, even a boyfriend or husband.

If someone is hurting you, call:

  • National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233
  • AZ Coalition Against Domestic Violence at 1-800-782-6400